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31 | 01 | 2018
Blog Post

By: Mike Woolf

Ranga Emperor

I have a number of pens made by Mr Kandan's company but I think this is the best so far. I've posted a couple of photos but they don't do justice (I am a lousy photographer). The balance is perfect, ink flow smooth, and the colour is beautiful. The pens produced by Ranga are hand made and they are really functional works of art. I collect pens and have only just joined this network, I am pleased to be part of this group -- thank you.I should add that I live in London and the pen from Ranga arrived swiftly and was beautifully packaged. The Emperor is a very fine writing instrument: I prefer it to my Montblanc which costs roughly ten times as much. I can't recommend this enough. I would love to hear of your impressions if you have been luck enough to purchase one of these. I have, by the way, ordered another straight away!

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