Model 9B

$72.00 USD
Model 9B Model 9B Model 9B Model 9B Model 9B Model 9B

Model 9B

$72.00 USD

Ranga Model 9B is the Classic and Elegant model Pen. It is Torpedo Shape Pen with Seamless finish .

It comes with Immense craftmenship.

It is handmade Pen by Artisan having 50 years experience.

It would be perfect balance for continuous writing and comfort.Ebonite is beautiful and classic material for pens .

Most of the Vintage pens are made out of Ebonite. It is also very ideal for Gifting and Pen Collectors.

It holds lot of ink.

Customer's have the options to select from nearly unlimited fascinating colours and Variety of Nib Choices.

All the Colours are available in Mirror Finish and Brushed(Rough) Finish.

The mottled / Ripple pattern of the pen varies from Pen to Pen.

The German Screw in nibs and Converters makes this Model as equivalent to Western Luxury writing Instruments.

This can also be used as Eyedropper.

Capped Length: 6 inches.

Cap Dia : 16mm

Barrel Dia:16mm

Section Dia: 12.5mm at thickness part , 11mm at holding part.

Feed: Plastic

Converter : Schmidt K5 Converter