Why We

Why Ranga Pens:
1. We are Own manufacturers of these pens and offer good service . My Father M.S.Pandurangan and myself are making it in our own manufacturing unit. It is completely handmade which needs decades of expertise and Skills
2. All the pens are very reasonably priced.
3. We offer High quality German threaded nib units in more widths.
4. We offer wide range of Filling Mechanisms (Eyedropper, Converter , Aerometric etc)
5.  The package  is well stitched. We have almost 100% delivery record.
6. We have wide range of colours in Ebonite and Ripple Ebonite
(Around 40colours) & Acrylics (Around 26 colours)
7. We make matching Ball point ,Roller Ball Pens that takes Parker ,Shaeffer, Cross Waterman Refills. Fountain pen and Ball pen or Roller Ball pen set makes a good Gift Option.
8. All the Ranga Pens have inner cap and good constructions. All the pens will be packed in a Single good Box.
9. All the Ranga Pens are completely handmade. We don't even use Lathes to make pens. This is in practice only in Japan and with us.
10. We include spare nib and feed set for every  pen for the Eyedropper Pens and Aerometric Pens.
11 . We have wide variety of Models available.